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Stocktwits Watchers: A Metric to Quantify Hype

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Stocktwits is a platform I am active on and one where some good conversations and insights can be gained. In this page I present my tracker which tracks Stocktwits watchers for the stocks analyzed in the Analysis category of blog.

Stocktwits is the largest social network for investors and traders. The company started in 2008 as an app built on Twitter and was the first to organize conversations around tickers using the cashtag (e.g. $TLRY).

In addition to knowledge transfer within investors, Stocktwits has a trending section where it lists stocks that are trending based on their algorithms. I have seen Tilray and High Tide a few times on Stocktwits trending page. This often brings in more visibility and in the process potential new investors.

The following are the links to the Stocktwits pages of the stocks featured in the Best Cannabis Stocks analysis, sorted by number of watchers. Feel free to check out the pages for the stocks you are interested in. In addition to information from fellow investors, you can get a pulse of investor sentiment.

Tilray Brands

Aurora Cannabis

Canopy Growth

High Tide

WM Technology

Curaleaf Holdings

Cresco Labs

Trulieve Cannabis

Green Thumb Industries

Jushi Holdings

Columbia Care


Ayr Wellness

Verano Holdings

Ascend Wellness

This page and the table included will be updated on a regular basis and the relative rankings are expected to change based on the number of watchers.

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Disclaimer: All content and analysis on this Blog/website is information shared for educational and entertainment purposes only. The content creator(s) of this Blog are not financial advisors and the content is not intended to provide advice or recommendations for any security, investment product or any other product or service mentioned on this Blog. You should not use this Blog to make financial decisions and you should instead seek advice from professionals who are authorized to provide investment advice. Although best efforts have been taken to keep the information on this Blog accurate, this Blog may contain errors and inaccuracies. You alone assume the sole responsibility of the risks associated with the use of any content on the Blog. In no event shall any of the content creators be liable for any damages in connection with the information contained in this Blog or links provided.

Disclosure: I (username Adastra) am an investor not a trader. I am bullish on the Cannabis sector as a long-term investment (2025 and beyond), provided stocks/ETFs are carefully picked based on data-driven due diligence. Of the 15 stocks covered in the Best Cannabis Stocks analysis, I own only High Tide, which I am holding as a long-term investment. But my analysis indicates (without any guarantees) that there is a potential for impressive gains in investing in the stocks best ranked in the analysis, including WM Technology, Trulieve, Curaleaf and any other stocks that will have a dedicated page. I reserve the right to buy or sell at any time any of the stocks mentioned in this blog. I do not short stocks and never will short any stock in a company that makes the world a better place. I do not have insider knowledge of any company covered in this blog. All data used for analysis is from public sources. I have received (as of last update date of this page) ZERO funding for this blog from any of the companies featured in this blog.

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