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I am seeking to partner with some companies in the Cannabis sector for a combination of content sharing, interviews on results/developments, news coverage, digital advertising and other ideas that I have. There is a need to bring together investors and the industry through knowledge sharing; a need this blog/platform was designed to meet. A company may have excellent fundamentals, with impressive growth, strategy and execution, but will continue to trade at low valuations if not many people are aware of it. Such success would be no different that achieving a great feat in sports, when nobody is watching. Information is an asset that grows (and does not diminish) when it is shared. I am also open to collaborations in the Psychedelics sector and potentially others in Technology and other sectors. Although no longer an investor in the Psychedelics sector, it is a sector I believe in and think will make valuable contributions to alleviating the global mental health crisis. If you are a representative of a company that would be interested in partnering with me, please feel free to connect via this Contact page or Twitter.

I have not charged and will not be charging for any of the content presented in this Blog. As explained in my About Adastra page, this blog is the product of significant personal resources, including time and expense. If you find any article here worth sharing, please share via the social media share options. If you find this Blog worthy of your support, you can support me using the affiliate links and via Patreon.
If you are interested in connecting, you can do so on Twitter (@numbersnarrati) and Stocktwits (@AdastraYOLO), or become a Patron on Patreon.

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